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We are providing Technical Solutions for Building Automaton, and Security

Solutions to protect your Asset and today Technology has become so important

that it can not be ignored we have latest and reliable Products as per your

requirement, We have Solutions for Building and Office Automation, We are

the Complete Security Solution Provider, from Data to Asset.


Where Investigation required we are committed to find fault with modern

concepts and technology with more than 50 years experience in the field of

Forensic Sciences and 19 years Experience in the IT and Telecom Industry and

10 years Experience in Security Industry. We have people who have worked for

Railway and Vigilance.


In The Automation and Security Systems, We have effective products for Multi

Media Industry, Hotels, Schools, Corporate Sectors, Housing Complexes, City

Surveillance, Vehicle Tracking and many more. We are in Point of sale and

Production chain Management as well.


We are Systems Company Looking on the Market Requirement and Skill

Available with us we have started the Interior Designing with the concept of

 Integration of Modern Technology of Building Automation, we are working on

Green Building Concept. Our aim is to provide Good Looking Building with

minimum wastage of power usage and keep Environment healthy. We are

doing projects for Office, Retail Shops and Home Segment. We have Leaders

who have done projects for big retail chains as well.


We have Experts for Solutions in  Graphology, Vastu, Astrology and Numerology.




Amazing Solutions

Welcome to the Amazing World of Technology and Efficient Service